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Lash Extensions - FAQ

If you are considering trying new to the lash extension world, there may be some questions that you have. First, let us start with the different styles of lash extensions:

Volume Fans Single Lash Extension

Classic: This is where a single lash extension is applied to each of your natural lashes. Classic lashes can take up to 1.5 hours for a full set and the typical fill averages 45 minutes. Hybrid: This is the simple classic style but with a few volume fans added in. Hybrid extensions are usually 2 hours for a full set and the fills usually average 45 minutes. Volume: This stunning lash style is focused on fullness to fill in your lash line with volume fans. Volume extensions can take up to 2 hours for a full set and the fills usually are 1 hour. Mega Volume: This show-stopping style uses fans to create a full and fluffy looking lash line. Roll out the red carpet because these are great for brides, models, boss babes on zoom calls or anyone in front of a camera or crowd! These sets can take up to 3 hours for a full set and the refills on average take up to 1.5 hours.

Q: Do lash extensions damage your natural lashes?

A: No. If lashes are cared for and applied correctly, the process will not damage your natural lashes.

Q: Can I wear makeup to my appointment?

A: Please arrive with no eye make and clean/dry lashes. Otherwise, a lash detox service may be charged.

Q: How do I maintain my extensions?

A: Keep them clean and prebook your refills regularly

Q: Do I need to wash my lash extensions?

A: YES, daily! This is so important. Some people are hesitant to get them wet, but PLEASE know this is a myth. You need to clean them to experience good retention and a healthy lash line.

Q: Can I wear mascara with my extensions? A: You shouldn’t need to; however, if you would like to there is lash extension safe mascara available.

Q: What should I do to prevent an allergic reaction?

A: Our adhesives are FABULOUS and you shouldn’t experience any adverse reactions. But if you’re thinking you may be sensitive, schedule a patch test up to 48 hours before a full set. We will apply a couple of test lashes to make sure you don't have an adverse reaction.

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