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Lash Extensions 101: Am I A Good Candidate?

Updated: Mar 12, 2021

The sad truth is that lash extensions are not for everyone. You may not enjoy the upkeep or the feeling of extensions, or it might be that your specific lash conditions are not the best and extensions could lead to damage or breakage. During your consultation, your lash specialist will evaluate your natural lashes to determine what is best for you. If she/he is not willing to or does not recommend applying extensions, please know this is not to be rude or offensive, but truly with your benefit in mind. At On Stage, we don't want to compromise the integrity of your extensions, hair, or skin.

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Because her natural lashes are so fine, delicate, and thin - we decided to use a growth serum to focus on strengthening her lashes naturally instead of lash extensions. Samantha at On Stage offers free consultations so you can find the best option for you!

If you have thin lashes or certain other conditions, your lash specialist may strongly advise against lash extensions. If you are truly set on lash extensions, your lash specialist may recommend first using growth serum or taking vitamins before, and may only use a certain thickness of extension. No matter how strong or thick your natural lashes are, having thick clusters of lash extensions is not sustainable long-term. If you would like to read a few tips HERE on how to prevent negative side affects. Your eye health is also an important factor. If you have any medical conditions, sensitivities or irritations, extreme caution may be taken or service may be denied for your safety. Please be as honest as possible and make your specialist aware of all potentially relevant information! At On Stage, we offer free 15 minute consultations on lash extensions, so call and set up yours today! xoxo, On Stage

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