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Make Your Vacation Effortless

I love the idea of doing nothing on our vacation - just waking up and enjoying the day without hassle or responsibility. Perhaps I am just being lazy, but I am OK with that - after all that is the point of vacation right? When I am on vacation, I want to feel beautiful and put-together (all those vacation photos 😱) but I also want to soak up every minute of the trip and hate having to go through my full makeup and self-care routine. To solve this dilemma, I love getting vacation-ready the week before the trip. The services I usually invest my time and money into are lash extensions, body waxing, and a shampoo and style (or a Brazilian Blowout Keratin Treatment for beach vacations and longer trips) - but getting a tan or nails can also be a fun way to prepare for your trip! Lash extensions mean that I don't have to think about putting on mascara or even eyeliner - I wake up with beautiful full lashes. Eyelash extensions fall out individually with your natural eyelashes and last 4-6 weeks on average - perfect for most vacations!

Waxing is the best... it leaves you with such soft smooth skin and it lasts longer than shaving because the the hair doesn't grow back in as quickly. Underarms, nose - literally, any body part you think of can be waxed - but for a beach vacation, a bikini and leg wax is a must. Brazilian Blowout Keratin Treatments last up to 12 weeks, if you are using the right shampoo and conditioner at home to maintain the treatment. The treatment smooths your hair giving you frizz-free results. It also significantly reduces your blow-dry/style time, which can be a godsend especially if you have thick or curly hair. Shampoo and styles are perfect for shorter trips and save you the trouble of having to pack shampoo, conditioner, blow-dry and styling products. What are your essentials when you have a trip you are getting ready for? - xoxo Bethany

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