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Why Pre-Booking Your Next Appointment is the Best Decision You'll Make This Month

Updated: Apr 2, 2019

If you've been into either of our salon locations, there's a 99.9% chance you've been asked the question, "Would you like to pre-book your next appointment today?". We totally get it, you work your booty off, the family has a million things coming up, and you're just not sure when you'll get your next moment of "me" time. We've been there!

We'd like to inspire you to think ahead, so you can LOOK FORWARD to your next self-care day. When you pre-book your appointment, it not only gives stylists an opportunity to plan ahead, but it also gives you the chance to find a perfect time slot that works with your schedule.

We all know and hate that feeling when we realize we've waited to long to cover those pesky grays, or our blonde has gone brassy, and your stylist is booked out two weeks in advance.

We love to see you looking your best, and we want to keep your hair on schedule to accomplish that goal!

BONUS: You don't HAVE to keep the time you pre-booked with! If you need to change it at any point, our front desk team is always ready to help you reschedule.

See you soon!


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