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Stop Shaving Your Underarms & Give Waxing A Try

Underarm Waxing In The Woodlands Texas

Underarm (and nose) waxing is one of the most underrated waxing services! If you hate shaving your underarms with a razor, we highly recommend giving this service a shot! Don't worry, the pain is minimal for most people; if you've done a bikini wax this will likely be a piece of cake for you. Even better? The results are much longer-lasting than shaving and your hair growth will reduce over time as the hairs grow back much thinner and finner. It is a service we think everyone should try at least once in their life. Here is what you need to know: - Come in with your hair about 1/4 inch in length. (we know... this is probably one of the hardest parts but trust us, it is worth it. Have confidence in your ability to plan around underarm waxing appointments. Just think, we females have an amazing ability to maximize our hair wash days and to coordinate them around our week's events. Similar concept, right?)

- Don't wear deodorant to the appointment (deodorant can interfere with the wax and may affect the outcome of your appointment. If you forget or come with it on, be sure to let your waxing technician know so they can thoroughly clean the area first)

- Exfoliate your underarms 2-3 days after your appointment (this will help prevent ingrown hairs by helping the hairs glide out of the follicle much easier, minimizing the risk of ingrown hairs and the hairs breaking off)

Do you have any questions about waxing? Leave us a comment below!

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