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Waxing Checklist: Everything You Need To Know For Your Appointment

Waxing is a phenomenal way to remove hair for smooth skin, and results tend to last longer than shaving! Our aesthetician Samatha offers not only brow waxes but full body waxing services including the nose, leg, arm, bikini, and back! Our salons are located off of FM 1488 just minutes away from The Woodlands, Alden Bridge, and Magnolia. If you'd like to make an appointment, click here If you are new to body waxing, there are a few things to know. We've broken it down below - feel free to save this list to reference later!

Brow Wax or Waxing By Aesthetician in Magnolia, Texs


» Schedule a consultation with your esthetician » Stop using Retin-A or other harsh acids before your wax appointment

» Cleanse skin properly

» Exfoliate regularly until the day before your appointment

» Moisturize daily until the day before your appointment

» Trim your hair to approximately 1/4" before your appointment. If need though, a wax specialist can trim for you!


» Prepare skin to be clean and dry for the appointment

» Arrive 10-15 minutes prior to your first appointment

» Use the restroom & allow yourself time to freshen up

» Read aftercare instructions

DURING APPOINTMENT » RELAX for great results

» Just breathe, you’re in good hands

» Feel free to laugh and have a good time!

» It's quick, get ready for fresh skin

» ENJOY a comfortable environment

» Talk it out, share your thoughts


» Follow any aftercare instructions provided

» Take a cool shower after the appointment

» Cleanse and moisturize daily

» Exfoliate regularly

» Use aftercare products regularly

» Take a cool shower after the appointment

» Avoid rigorous activity for 24 hours

» Avoid sweat & steam for 24 hours

» Avoid tight clothing for 24 hours

» Avoid unclean ingredients


» Prebook out next appointment

» Plan ahead for special events

» Stick to a 3-4 week waxing routine We highly recommend using Finipil on your waxed area to help prevent ingrown hairs and to moisturize the skin. Murad and Aveda have several amazing exfoliating products that we carry at the salon, or you can use a body exfoliating cloth if that is the method you prefer!

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